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Welcome Back

I started a blog a few years ago but never published it.

In a sea of blogs, I didn't think mine was particularly extraordinary or interesting. It was merely a paraphrased smattering of some moderately exciting life events that I felt only I could relate to. I also felt a strange but strong sense of self-aggrandizement. Since then, I've read dozens of blogs- on parenthood (I considered it research in case I ever wanted to head down that road), travel (because that's what I do), fashion, friend's blogs about their lives, etc. The urge to blog never again hit me and I stuck to filling up piles of journals, as I have since I was 8.

Then two things happened. I was in horrific traffic on my way home from LA and decided to try and make the best of it. I put on podcasts, attempting to find some inspiration on this sunny, albeit frustrating, evening on the 405. I can't actually remember if there was a specific catalyst, but the idea hit me with weight- I wanted to start another blog. I grabbed my voice recorder (also known as my iPhone) and started blabbering in the hopes that my purpose would come through.

I think part of the adventure is that I don't have any idea what this blog would be about. When I ask myself, "why now?", it's really for one reason: I miss writing. And I write all the time- in my own journal, in a clinical sense at work- but there's something that happens when we send personal thoughts out into the world. It's more creative, more carefully crafted. And I can benefit from a little bit more grace and presence in everything that I do. It's about creating something... using words in a more powerful, unbridled sense and watching what comes out of us when we know someone else is going to read our stuff. If anything, I can write in a way that I haven't written in years. And that's exciting.

Weeks went by and I thought about this blog. I felt the overwhelming need to craft a purpose, "brand" myself, and create an outline of what the posts would be about. Very orderly. And so boring. I decided that I would abandon the idea until I got better at accepting the ambiguous process of "becoming" (and yes, that's straight from Cheryl Strayed). Then, a few days ago I was listening to a podcast when I heard the speaker challenge his listeners to consider the stories of their own lives. He intended it as a point of inspiration.

I interpreted his question as a provocative "Is your life- right now- the story you want to be telling in a week... a year?".

It struck a chord with me and I thought about it for hours. The concept of storytelling isn't new. Brene Brown considers herself a storyteller over being a social scientist, a travel blogger I follow stresses the importance of everyone telling their own travel stories instead of providing a generic "Top Ten Things to Do in ___" that gets lost in cyberspace, and Richard Sheridan (CEO of Menlo Innovations) highlights that storytelling is one of the oldest vehicles of human connection. We tell stories at parties, when we get back from vacation, after we crush a project at work... you get the idea. Storytelling connects us; we all have a story to tell. It's the world's most relatable concept. So whether the following posts provide inspiration, ignite a new idea, fuel a passion or it simply ends up being little old me writing in my kitchen, here I am.

Back to writing my story :)

““People do not realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character””

— Ralph Waldo Emerson