My executive wellbeing and leadership programs are based on self examination and a core belief that each of us can elevate our lives and work through conscious endeavor.

By exploring behavior, examining value systems, and living into unique attributes, customized 2-4 month programs challenge conventional wisdom to examine and rewrite beliefs, teaching leaders to take courageous action to live and work with more fulfillment, energy, and purpose.

Coaching Model

My practice uses concepts and theories from Stanford's method of Design Thinking, the science of human behavior, neuroscience-based mindful meditation, and my experience in the psychology, leadership, and wellbeing sectors. My approach is to lead by example, creating a safe space for clients to not only be authentically themselves, but also to embrace the vulnerability that allows people to explore who they truly are.

Individual Wellbeing Coaching

For individuals who want to better understand how they got here, what’s holding them back from the life they want, and ready to design a life they love.

Individual wellbeing clients build a mentally and physically healthier life through a disruptive narrative model, using their values and new beliefs as a guide. Through humor, acceptance, and intentional action in unique, individualized sessions, I use my background in psychology, counseling, behavioral science, and wellbeing to support clients through the ups and downs of the human experience.

Through Individual Wellbeing coaching, you will:

• Identify and let go of false beliefs that derail your success, health, or happiness

• Evaluate your purpose and wellbeing needs to bring more energy and meaning to your everyday life

• Begin or refresh a hippie-free, science-supported meditation practice for more calm, focus, gratitude, and stress management

• Stop feasting on “mental junk food” and learn to build a healthier, truer identity

Gianna was incredibly personable and relatable—working with her was like working with a close girlfriend.

Christina Schwarzenegger

Former Client

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